Donkey, Skagit B-20F Yarder, #20A186

The Skagit Steel and Iron Works of Sedro-Woolley, Washington was a leader in gasoline and diesel powered yarders and loading machines after the introduction in the 1920s of the Skagit Little Tugger.

Tractor, Caterpillar D-8 2U

Willis Tucker of Boonville, California recently donated a Caterpillar D-8, S/N 2U 6169, logging tractor to the Roots collection. The machine was used for decades in logging the woods of Anderson Valley in Mendocino County and was commonly referred to among Tucker's crew as the "You Too".

Rail Car: Whitefish Lake Ranch Car

While checking out the derelict passenger cars parked on the scrap lines of the old Northwestern Pacific Railroad yard, Roots of Motive Power members were thrilled to discover, nestled among the vandalized and neglected cars, Ranch Car #1245.

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