Tractor, Caterpillar D-8 2U

Tractor, Caterpillar D-8 2U
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Willis Tucker of Boonville, California recently donated a Caterpillar D-8, S/N 2U 6169, logging tractor to the Roots collection. The machine was used for decades in logging the woods of Anderson Valley in Mendocino County and was commonly referred to among Tucker's crew as the "You Too". The tractor was built in 1951, and was purchased used by Tucker in 1958. It is equipped with a straight blade and a Hyster winch. Vrain Conley and Percy Daniels have put in many hours already on the tractor, overhauling the starting "pony" motor and freeing up rusted pans. Bob Pardini of Boonville donated his lowbed to transport the tractor to the Roots work building.

From the Roots of Motive Power Newsletter, April 2001