Shovel, Bay City Diesel #1079

Shovel, Bay City Diesel #1079
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This 3/8 yard shovel was originally sold to Fritz Poertner of Treloar, Missouri on April 6, 1929. The small machine answered the demand from contractors that were installing utilities in the rapidly urbanizing American west. Water lines, sewer lines, trenching and excavation of any kind were made easier and more affordable with the gasoline shovel. By the late 1920s most shovel manufacturers were converting from steam power to gas and diesel power. The tractor shovel came from the factory equipped for a variety of uses, dipper stick shovel, clamshell, dragline or crane. The power unit is a standard International Industrial 10-20 Tractor, Ser. No. SIN 8791

This shovel was acquired by Henry Groner of Groner Iron and Steel, Berger, Missouri, who operated the machine for many years. It was purchased by Chris Baldo and Wendy Wilmes in 1993 and moved to Willits.