Rail Tamper / Liner, Jackson Model 2400

Rail Tamper / Liner, Jackson Model 2400, Picture 1
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With the decision by the Roots Board of Directors to purchase the Jackson Tamper/Liner from Larry Adams, Roots members John Bradley, Mike Wade and Jim Bruggere ventured to Barstow, California, on October 18th, 2003, to load and bring to Willits the Tamper and related track maintenance equipment. Trucking for the Tamper was provided by Rushway Trucking, while a van to haul the track maintenance tools was provided by Jack and Joan Wade of Mendocino Gluten-Free Products. The Model 2400 Jackson Tamper/Liner is Serial Number 139280.

Rail Tamper / Liner, Jackson Model 2400, Picture 2

The Tamper will greatly reduce the amount of back-breaking hand tamping of the ballast under the track. It is also used for lining and surfacing the rail which in turn provides a safer operating environment for our locomotives and rolling stock. Included in the purchase were innumerable track maintenance tools including track drills, rail saws, rail grinders, jacks, etc. Larry Adams was retiring from his family's track maintenance business and Roots appreciates his offer to sell the materials to us at a greatly reduced price.

from the Roots of Motive Power newsletter, December 2003