Tractor, International Harvester TD-24


“Big Red” Arrives at Roots

(Adapted from Highline, August, 2011)

By Chris Baldo and Troy James

Donkey, Washington Iron Works Estep Diesel Yarder

From the Roots of Motive Power Newsletter, August 2004

The dark smudges lingering on the ceiling of the Roots Restoration Facility just above the stacks of our Washington Iron Works Estep Yarder bear evidence that Vrain Conley and crew (Percy Daniels, Keith Rongey, Mike Wade, Ed Vikart, H

Truck, Kenworth Off-highway #28

The closure of Pacific Lumber Company's Yager Creek Camp in March 2002 brought an end to the camp where decades of logging legends were created.

Truck, Kenworth Off-highway #11

Some of the acquisitions are the result of years of negotiation and follow-up, as was the case with the Off-highway Log Truck.

Tractor, Caterpillar D-8 2U

Willis Tucker of Boonville, California recently donated a Caterpillar D-8, S/N 2U 6169, logging tractor to the Roots collection. The machine was used for decades in logging the woods of Anderson Valley in Mendocino County and was commonly referred to among Tucker's crew as the "You Too".

Rail Tamper / Liner, Jackson Model 2400

With the decision by the Roots Board of Directors to purchase the Jackson Tamper/Liner from Larry Adams, Roots members John Bradley, Mike Wade and Jim Bruggere ventured to Barstow, California, on October 18th, 2003, to load and bring to Willits the Tamper and related track maintenance equipment.

Shovel, Bay City Diesel #1079

This 3/8 yard shovel was originally sold to Fritz Poertner of Treloar, Missouri on April 6, 1929. The small machine answered the demand from contractors that were installing utilities in the rapidly urbanizing American west.

Shovel, Bucyrus-Erie 22B Diesel #96300

The Bucyrus-Erie 22B shovel was one of the most popular and versatile track cranes produced by the company. The 22B came equipped with the standard dipper stick shovel, dragline, dragshovel, clamshell bucket, crane boom, or pile driver.

Saw, Cummins Diesel

This artifact, on loan from LLVPEA, requires some research.

Loader, Washington Iron Works TL-15 TrakLoader, Diesel

In 1959 Union Lumber Company (ULCO) purchased a second-hand TL-15. This was ULCO #430, Washington Iron Works (WIW) C/N 5140, built in June 1956. It was purchased from Griffy and Laird Logging Company of Port Orford, Oregon.

Donkey, Washington Iron Works L-150 3-Drum Loader, Diesel

This Washington Iron Works L-150 diesel loader with torque converter represented the latest technological advance in logging in the post-World War II logging woods.

Grader, Caterpillar #11

This grader, serial number 6K395 SP, has the older three-cylinder diesel engine with side-mounted two-cylinder gas starting engine. It was donated to Roots by Mr. Mike Ross of Fort Bragg on 4-19-02.

Engine, Fairbanks-Morse Stationary Type "Y" Semi-diesel Oil

This engine was built in 1915 by Fairbanks-Morse and Company. It is a one-cylinder, two-cycle engine rated at 25 horsepower. These engines were capable of operating on a wide variety of fuels, including kerosene, distillate, solar oil, gas oil, fuel oil and crude oil.

Crane, Ernest Holmes Truck Crane

The railroad truck-mounted crane was first mentioned as being inoperable, and therefore surplus, to the North Coast Railroad Authority (NCRA) in the fall of 2002 during a conversation between Chris Baldo of Roots and John Darling (the railroad operator).

Crane, Super C Tournacrane

The genius of R.G. LeTourneau's over 200 patents elevates his status to a select list of American inventors.

Rail Shovel, Burro Model 40

On October 31, 1972, the Federal Sign and Signal Corporation shipped Burro #40-324 (construction #127005) to the Northwestern Pacific Railroad Company.

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