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Donkey, Washington Iron Works Steam Yarder #3451

The 3451 Washington Iron Works, Seattle, yarder was built in September of 1922 and worked at the Craig Lumber Company in Philo, CA from 1946 to 1950.

Donkey, Washington Iron Works 12x17 Simplex Slackline Yarder, #3643

As steam yarders grew more powerful and could reach greater distances, the ability of the machine to slack the skyline was critical for maintaining productivity.

Winch, Novo-Buda #P6736 "Novo Outfit"

The Novo Engine Company of Lansing, Michigan was primarily a manufacturer of gas and kerosene engines. The company started out as Cady and North, who were owners of a small repair shop in North Lansing back in 1890. This company became Cady and Hildreth, and later Hildreth and Son.

Truck, Kenworth Off-highway #28

The closure of Pacific Lumber Company's Yager Creek Camp in March 2002 brought an end to the camp where decades of logging legends were created.

Tractor, Sixty Cat

The Caterpillar Sixty (they were commonly called "Sixty Cat") was the first logging tractor to be used extensively in the redwood region, although early Best and Holt products were seen in the woods from the teens on.

Tractor, Sixty Cat and Double Drum Winch

We received two intriguing donations that will soon be tied together forever. Roots member Alan Hill of Fort Bragg recently donated a Sixty Cat that originally operated for Caspar Lumber Company and had been used late in its life as a loading machine with a double drum winch on the back.

Rail Disconnect Trucks, Mendocino Lumber

Mendocino Lumber Company operated less than ten miles of railroad in the Little North Fork region of Big River before dumping the logs in the river at the boom, about 3 miles upriver from the sawmill.

Rail Motor Car, Fairmont M-9

As the industrial age progressed, people utilized the new-found mechanical marvels to make their work easier.

Rail Motor Car, Gibson, PALCO #3

Harry Gibson founded the Gibson Manufacturing Company in Seattle, Washington in 1933. Besides building railroad equipment, Gibson Manufacturing also built small agricultural tractors, rebuilt locomotives and logging equipment, and did general machine work.

Mine Train Engine and Ore Cars

The State of California Department of Geothermal Resources has donated a mine train engine and several ore cars to Roots of Motive Power. Thanks to Roots member, Vrain Conley, for arranging for this donation.

Lumber Stacker, Helke

Before the arrival of the forklift at North Coast sawmills the process of drying redwood and pine lumber involved lots of hand labor, placing lumber on stickers to air dry in square stacks up to 20 feet in height.

Lumber Carrier, PALCO Electric Trolley

When The Pacific Lumber Company was started in 1863, the Civil War was still raging. More important to the mill workers—almost all of the work with lumber was done by hand. This included moving sawn boards to racks, stacking, unstacking and loading for delivery.

Lumber Carrier, Ross Straddle Carrier

In 1913, Harry B. Ross built the first straddle truck at the Stetson-Ross Machine Works in Seattle, Washington. Mr. Ross’ invention revolutionized the movement of lumber around mill yards, and would be replicated in later years by Gerlinger, Hyster, Yale, Caterpillar and a host of others.

Logging Arch, Hyster Rubber Wheeled

Dan and Tracy Vincent of Willits recently donated a Hyster rubber tired logging arch to the Roots collection. Our first Hyster arch joins several other Pacific Car and Foundry (CARCO) arches in the collection.

Logging Arch, Big River Wheels

Mendocino Lumber Company, at the mouth of the Big River, had a reputation for its willingness to try new technology, such as using early track-type Holt 75 tractors for skidding logs in the late teens or using International trucks to haul redwood logs in the late 1930s.

Locomotive: Davenport Besler Corp, CA Redwood Co. 101

Wheel Arrangement: 0-4-0
Weight: 20 Tons
Length: 22 feet
Guage: Standard
Engine: LeRoi 6 cylinder gasoline
Construction Number: 2339

Locomotive: GE 44 Tonner Diesel-Electrric, A&MRRR #104

Wheel Arrangement: B-B
Weight: 44 Tons
Prime Mover: 2 Caterpillar D-17000 diesel engines
Main Generator: 2 GE 1503
Horsepower: 380
Length: 33 feet, 6 inches

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