Locomotive: Plymouth 0-4-0, Gas

Locomotive: Plymouth 0-4-0, Gas
Year Built: 
Type of Equipment: 
Manufacturer Location: 
Motive Power: 
Non-Motive Power: 

Wheel Arrangement: 0-4-0
Weight: 8-Ton
Length: 14 feet, 2 inches
Guage: Standard
Engine: Climax

Thanks to Cliff Walker, Roberto Olea, McFarland Trucking, Mike Wade and a small army of Roots volunteers who journeyed to Santa Rosa, Roots is now in possession of many railroad-related items donated by Laurens Edwards of Santa Rosa. Included in the items is a Plymouth railroad locomotive. This is an eight ton locomotive, equipped with a Climax engine, that will be used for moving rail cars around the Roots yard. Many thanks to Laurens for his generosity and for remembering Roots.