Engine, Mansfield Portable Steam

Engine, Mansfield Portable Steam
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Mansfield engines were well-known for their rapid steaming ability, being able to get into operation from a cold start faster than any other boiler-engine combination. This engine was build by the Mansfield Machine Works of Mansfield, Ohio around 1890. Such engines were rated at approximately 10 horsepower, and were a popular power source for sawmills, shingle mills, flour and grist mills. They were also used in many other applications, including threshing and water pumping—sometimes on fire engines of the day. This particular engine powered a shingle mill that produced wooden roofing shingles. Due to its age and design, the boiler has been de-rated to 15 pounds of steam pressure, but is still fired annually for Education Day and other steam-ups. Clyde Schurman of Woodland, Washington, donated this engine to the Mendocino County Museum in 1985. Photo by Mendocino County Museum