Air Compressor, Imperial Type 10 Duplex

Air Compressor, Imperial Type 10 Duplex
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This Ingersoll-Rand Imperial Type 10 Duplex steam-driven air compressor was donated to Roots by Georgia Pacific in 2000. With the closing of the Georgia Pacific mill in Fort Bragg, removal of the compressor became a priority and it was moved to the Roots facility in Willits in 2003.

Most of the old-time employees at Union Lumber Company, which used the compressor for decades, claimed the compressor was originally built and shipped to Panama to supply air for the building of the Panama Canal.

Roots would like to thank everyone that made the acquisition of this historic piece of equipment possible, including: Georgia Pacific Corporation, Paul Johnson, Sawmill Manager; James Ham, MCM Construction; Bill Daniel, Daniel Steel and Welding; Theron Brown, Road Department, Mendocino Redwood Company; Fred Galton, G&S Milling; Willits Redwood Company.