12/10/2014: Kelly Springfield Work Night

The storm of the century (at least what was predicted) kept some people home filling sandbags, but work continued on the Kelly Springfield project. We removed the crankshaft and flywheel from the top of the boiler and are making progress on removing the two-speed cross shaft. Then we can properly clean and inspect the top of the boiler that is hidden by the engine and a century-old buildup of grease. We removed the boiler tube ends from the front tube sheet and made progress on removing the tube ends on the rear tube sheet also. We also continued cleaning the boiler shell, in preparation for the ultra-sonic thickness testing. In the process we found two numbers that may be of  value; what appears to be a State Boiler Inspection number on the right side (32779-32), and what should be the Construction Number on the left side (#10359).  Thanks everyone for attending, and good luck with the Storm of the Century.

Serial number stamped on boiler
boiler sheet
Boiler Inspection number stamped on boiler
Dis-assembly continues
The crew: five men, a woman, and a dog